A Better Burning Coal Means Slag That's Simpler to Remove

Arinah is proud to announce we're working with EES to bring CoalTreat to Canada!

Anyone operating a coal-fired power plant, or any furnace burning anything other than natural gas, knows one of the most stubborn and serious problems is slag buildup. As coal ash collects on burner surfaces, the residue known as slag causes not only heat transfer inefficiencies, but also costly downtime and maintenance issues, such as damage to water tubes.

Dealing with slag buildup is a critical issue that doesn't have an easy solution. Dynamite blasting, abrasive soot blowing, and water cleaning are all imperfect means of dealing with slag that create their own sets of problems. Although getting rid of slag entirely may be an impossible task, that doesn't mean the problem can't be mitigated; making your coal burn more efficiently, and produce a more manageable slag, can create profound long-term savings.

CoalTreat by EES is a chemical treatment that alters the chemical composition of coal ash, making the slag more friable and easier to clean. By treating coal with CoalTreat, you can realize significant savings from improved efficiency, fewer and shorter shutdowns and reduced maintenance costs.

Treating your coal with CoalTreat has many benefits:

  • Reduces slag
  • Changes the chemical make-up of slag to make it easier to remove
  • Reduces damage to boiler tubes
  • Increases boiler efficiency
  • Reduces SO3 emissions

Of course, no two coals are the same. Coal composition varies from region to region, and CoalTreat needs to be specifically formulated for your type of coal. To do this, EES uses a high temperature probe to simulate slag buildup and collect a sample. After using a third-party laboratory to determine the chemical composition of your slag, EES will develop the exact CoalTreat formulation, and provide you with the correct application rates, to help you get the most out of a better burning coal.

If you'd like to learn more about how Arinah and EES can save you money and help protect your plant against damaging slag buildup, contact us.

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