Descaling Doesn't Have to be Difficult; Rid Your Plant of Limescale Quickly and Efficiently

Staying on top of costs is important for plants and producers looking to make their operations as efficient as possible. These days it’s more important than ever to keep your processes — and your fluids — running at peak operational efficiency.

Rydlyme Story

Unfortunately, keeping things flowing can be a challenge. Limescale can be a major headache for any plant using heat exchangers, cooling towers, or any other equipment that can suffer from buildup of the chalky white residue. It plugs your pipes, causes costly delays, and chokes the useful life out of expensive equipment. But bringing in experts with harsh acids to clean it out is costly. Instead, try using a descaler so safe and stable that your own people can handle it without specialized equipment, sometimes without even requiring a shut-down.

Rydlyme is the solution to ridding your plant of both limescale buildup and expensive third-party maintenance costs. A proprietary, biodegradable descaler from Apex Engineering, Rydlyme can be safely handled, stores easily, and is environmentally friendly, making disposal just as easy as its use. Rydlyme is:

  • Biodegradable – With an oxygen demand of just 16mg/L, Rydlyme is safe for plant sewer systems.
  • Non-hazardous – Even in concentrated form, it can be held safely in hand, and eye-contamination isn’t a loss-time incident. A quick run through the eye-wash is all that’s required.
  • Effective – One gallon of Rydlyme will eliminate 1 kg of scale.
  • Economical – Using your own crews to perform regular maintenance means no need to call in third parties with their dangerous, expensive acids and excessive labour costs, and Rydlyme can even be reused if the product pH remains low enough.
  • Efficient – Rydlyme can often be used in-place, meaning there may be no need for expensive shutdowns or work stoppages.

Still not convinced? Check out Rydlyme in action below!

Want to put Rydlyme’s safe and effective formula to work in your plant? Contact us to learn more about how Arinah and Rydlyme can keep your plant operations flowing freely.

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