Easy, Eco-Friendly Cleaning for Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

If your facility uses a plate and frame heat exchanger, you know the hassle of disassembling them to be cleaned. Many facilities wait to perform cleaning until the entire heat exchanger needs to be taken offline for maintenance; but this means the unit can’ t be used again until it’s been cleaned, maintained and reassembled. Hiring a third-party to perform the cleaning introduces harsh acids that are tough on the environment, and hiring a third-party crew can easily eat into budgets.

RYDALL VP is an emulsifying, pH neutral degreasing product that can effectively remove hydrocarbon deposits in liquid or vapor phase form. Since it is pH neutral, it can safely be added to RYDLYME , a biodegradable descaler, without compromising the performance of either product. The combination of the products results in a solution capable of handling deposits that consist of mineral scale and hydrocarbons, a common problem in water producing wells and oil extraction.

Easy, Eco-Friendly Cleaning for Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

By combining two biodegradable and proven products (RYDALL VP and RYDLYME), refineries, upgraders and SAGD projects are realizing the benefit of removing both water scale and petroleum buildup from heat exchangers without having to dismantle them.

Product concentrations for most applications would look like this:

RYDLYME: 30-50% of total volume
RYDALL VP: 10-20% of total volume
Remaining volume: water

The two products are mixed together, heated, and then applied to the heat exchanger. The mineral scale is then dissolved into the solution (like sugar into coffee) and the hydrocarbon is emulsified, or will float on top of the water mixture. This action does two things: it helps RYDLYME to reach scale deposits when covered by oil, and it gets the oil moving with the circulated solution, allowing it to be removed from the system. For disposal, simply skim off the hydrocarbon layer, and easily dispose of the rest of the solution, which is completely safe and biodegradable.

Additional benefits of this two-product combination include:

  • Clean-in-place (CIP) process, meaning no need to disassemble the unit to clean it, and shorter turnaround time
  • Completely biodegradable: safe application for staff and equipment
  • Saves money by allowing your personnel to clean the unit
  • Great for regular cleaning to maintain a highly efficient unit
  • If the plant hasn’t completed regular preventative maintenance, this product combination works in shutdown and scheduled maintenance cycles
  • Effective for challenging descaling projects with lots of buildup
  • We custom design the required application for every project

Please contact us to discuss this exciting product combination, and how it might be useful to your operations.

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