Expedited Service for Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valves

Access is everything. Having quick access to replacement pilot operated safety relief valves and parts is crucial for any plant in operation. Plants that have to wait for several weeks for parts or a new unit can face a significant loss of time and money.

Through LESER, we're able to offer our customers exclusive benefits not available with other manufacturers:

  1. One-week availability from Charlotte, NC for some sizes and pressure ranges (1" through 8" in 150# x 150# up to 150# x 600#).
  2. Overnight delivery for Pilot Repair Kits. Delivered directly to your plant so you can get your unit back online.
  3. Other accessories (filters, field test capability, manual blowdown, etc.) delivered when you need them.

In addition to offering expedited service, LESER offers a unique and effective product:

  • There's no exterior tubing. Instead, the piping goes through the top plate. This means less chance of damage in the field
  • All units equipped with a Failsafe Blowdown, so there's no unstable behaviour of the Pilot at maximum adjustment
  • The pilot is easily removed for service or replacement
  • Pricing competitive with similar products from different manufacturers


Headquartered in Germany, LESER is the largest manufacturer of safety valves in Europe. Their North American subsidiary office is in Charlotte, NC, which means they can ship quickly to locations across Canada with access to the inventory that Canadian plants need.

We've been setting customers up with LESER products for many years, and we're very familiar with their product line and proper applications. With pricing similar to other units, this is a very competitive offering. If you would like more information about LESER pilot operated safety valves, please contact us.

LESER Pilot Operated Safety Valve module cutaway LESER Pilot Operated Safety Valve module
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