Fluid Catalytic Cracker and Steam Turbine Crossover Units Require Speedy Expansion Joint Replacement and Refurbishment

Replacement and refurbishment of metal expansion joints can be a slow process. Facility managers with Steam Turbine Crossover units and Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) units send their expansion joints away for refurbishment meaning plants often need to be shut down for longer than necessary. Extra down time often represents millions of dollars in lost time.

Arinah started working with Flexider to help our customers in refineries and coal fired power plants reach optimal performance with the most active run time possible. Flexider has the necessary experience and agility to get units back up and running quickly. From reverse engineering to disassembly to fit up and reinstallation, with Flexider, facilities in Western Canada are able to get their expansion joints refurbished quickly during their scheduled shutdown (within a three-week period), with no additional down time waiting for parts.

Flexider has a long history in manufacturing FCC and Steam Turbine Crossover joints, and can replace any components quickly and effectively. Their standard practice is to get an engineer involved at the outset so as to ensure the best possible specification is arrived at, and then provide a quote on a custom product to meet the customer's exact needs. For an example of one of our Steam Turbine Crossover refurbishments, take a look at this photo case study.

Some highlights of Flexider's service capability include:

FCC Units

  1. Flexider is UOP and Technip Stone and Webster approved
  2. Flexider sold their first FCC joint in 1972
  3. Flexider has executed 216 FCC projects since 1972
  4. More information about FCCU Expansion Joints

Steam Turbine Crossover Units

  1. Flexider refurbished over $1M in STC units during March/April of 2015
  2. Flexider has turned around STC units in 21 days
  3. More information about Steam Turbine Crossover Unit Expansion Joints

At Arinah, we're customer service specialists. Contact us with your requirements, and we'll help to assess your needs. Our team will contact Flexider to get your refurbishment or replacement scheduled so it coincides with your shutdown.

We know expansion joints and are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your service for summer 2015.

Steam Turbine Crossover Refurbishment
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