Need Better Delivery on a Large Bore or High Pressure Control Valve?

When a control valve is not designed for hard wear and extreme conditions, a breakdown usually occurs, it can mean weeks of downtime for power plants while you wait for another valve to be delivered. In the industry, it's common to wait 26 or more weeks for your replacement valve to be manufactured and delivered.

Arinah has been working with South African company Mitech to provide the Western Canadian market with reliable, hard-working severe service valves for extreme conditions. Specializing in large-bore and special trim valves, Mitech's products can be delivered in 9 - 21 weeks, depending on size and pattern availability.

Mitech supplies superior severe service valves for the following applications:

  • Pressure reducing and desuperheating stations
  • Soot blowers
  • Steam let-down stations
  • Boiler feed water stations
  • Fly ash applications
  • Manual valves (hand operated)

More competitive advantages of Mitech products include:

  • Valves up to 24" NB
  • Pressure ratings up to ANSI 4500
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • Fast product manufacturing and delivery - 14 weeks as standard to locations across Alberta and western Canada

Mitech provides products specifically for the power industry, including:

  • Globe Control Valves
  • Severe service trims (energy dissipating disc stack)
  • Desuperheaters
  • Rotating disc valves
  • Linear pneumatic actuators (automation of installed valves)
  • Rotary pneumatic actuators (automation of installed valves)

At Arinah, we're valve experts. We would be happy to talk to you about your severe service valve requirements, and how Mitech's products might help your power plant perform at a higher level. Based on your needs, we can tell you how quickly your valve can be delivered. Please contact us to discuss your needs, or to schedule a site visit.

Arinah has been providing valves for Alberta industry since 1979. We pride ourselves in bringing our customers quality products that perform at a high level, and help them improve their bottom line. For more information about the many products we provide to coal-fired power plants, please visit our Industries / Sectors page.

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