Pipe Supports & Spring Hangers: Unsung Heroes

By keeping your pipe supports and spring hangers well-maintained, you are preserving the integrity of your equipment, and preventing thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

Are your pipe supports and spring hangers:

  • working correctly?
  • supporting intended loads?
  • severely corroded, not functioning, or ready to fail?
  • fit for continued service?

PipingSolutions can help. Our Service Study takes a full inventory of the pipe supports, t-shoes, rollers, low-friction slide bearings, etc. and assesses the state of each one to ensure nothing is missed. We then remove, adjust or replace pieces as necessary.

Here's an overview of PipingSolutions' Fitness for Service Study:

Field Data Collection

  • Locate all pipe supports and note the location of each on plan & elevation drawings.
  • Make visual inspection of pipe supports, t-shoes, rollers, low friction slide bearings, insulated supports, rigid pipe hangers, sway braces, sway struts, hydraulic snubbers, variable spring hangers and constant spring hangers.
  • Record all appropriate data for each pipe support and generate a written record of all relevant data. For spring hangers & supports, the data will include the operating load, the installed load, the spring rate, the actual hot load and cold load positions and the design hot load and cold load positions.
  • Take a digital photograph of each pipe support documenting any observed problems.
  • Generate a spreadsheet listing all noted pipe supports and preliminary findings.

Engineering Fitness For Service Assessment

  • Organize field Collected data and photographs by pipe support.
  • Review the collected data for each pipe support and prepare comments as to the suitability for continued service as follows:
    • Acceptable for continued service as is
    • Acceptable for continued service with modification or re-conditioning
    • Acceptable for continued service with adjustment
    • Unacceptable for continued service as is
    • Replace with a new or different pipe support
    • Review of piping stress analysis originally performed
    • Perform a piping stress analysis study to quantify the need for the support
  • Provide specifications for all supports other than those that are acceptable for continued use.
  • Provide marked-up plan & elevation drawing identifying all support locations or, using AutoCAD, generate new plan and elevation drawings documenting all support locations.

Field Supervision

  • Removal, adjustment or replacement of rigid pipe supports.
  • Removal, adjustment or replacement of spring hangers or supports.
  • Removal, adjustment or replacement of sway braces, sway struts and hydraulic snubbers.
  • Field verification of piping movements as well as installed and operating loads carried by spring hangers.

Contact us today to discuss PipingSolutions' Service Study, and to see how it can benefit your equipment setup.

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