Under Pressure; Selecting the Right Safety Relief Valve is an Important Decision

These days, safety is key to everything industry does. That’s why safety relief valves are an integral part of plant operations. Whether it’s in the upstream processing, refinery, petrochemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, power generation or food and beverage industry, pressure relief valves are an important part of plant operations, helping to keep your equipment, your personnel and the environment safe from hazardous overpressuring.

There is a broad spectrum of criteria to consider when deciding on the right safety valve. Once you know your requirements, selecting a valve that meets them can be daunting.

Arinah is pleased to be able to offer quick delivery of the wide variety of LESER valves. There’s a large assortment of valves on the market these days, but none that can match the superior construction and performance of LESER’s extensively engineered and tested lineup. LESER is able to supply valves for applications requiring the UV stamp, CE mark, Canadian CRN Certification and other world-wide approvals. Just a few of the benefits of LESER safety valves include:

LESER API 526 Bellows Cut Away
  • Lighter, one-piece stem
  • Shielded bellows for extended bellow life
  • ASME-certified construction
  • Can be horizontally installed
  • Consistent sealing
  • Accurate sets and resets
  • Fewer expensive parts
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Long life and reliability

LESER valves are also engineered to provide unique benefits specific to particular industries:

  • Single trim valves can accommodate steam, gas, and liquids when required
  • Shielded bellows meet the exceptional needs of oil, gas, power and petrochemical plants
  • Clean Service valves that re-seat to prevent product loss are great for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical producers reliant on outdated rupture-disc technology
  • Thanks to their unique design and meshing of features, LESER safety valves provide reliability and unsurpassed technical service for a low cost of ownership.

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