Environmental Energy Services

Environmental Energy Services (EES) is a leader in the field of clean coal technology, enhancing coal combustion and coal emissions reduction technology. From remediating mercury to meet EPA’s new regulations such as MATS compliance for coal fired power plants to acid and SO3 control, and EPA wastewater effluent guidelines, EES Corp provides advanced engineering solutions for the optimization of combustion systems in utility and industrial applications.

Initially focused on application of traditional slag mitigation chemicals, EES has grown with its customers over the years, building a network of satisfied clients and leading the market with new high performing products and services designed to enable complete fuel flexibility for our customers.

Through innovative clean coal technology and chemical additive solutions, advanced application systems, engineering and diagnostic testing programs, EES is now taking business to a new level allowing customers complete fuel flexibility. The EES approach to develop an effective emissions reduction program with customers is much more than just a chemical application; it is a commitment between supplier and customer to solve problems in the most economical and efficient manner possible. Within the EES emissions reduction program, there are various products which are available for selection after a complete assessment of the problems at hand by EES engineers, chemists and plant operations. The product or combination of products chosen depends upon the objectives of the program.

The EES approach is an ongoing partnership between the client and the EES support team. The EES approach has many facets applied to the solution of combustion-related problems and is a well-designed program integrating continual feedback and optimization.

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