Engineered Spring Hangers / Support

Constant Hangers / Supports

AAA Technology manufactures an extensive range of pipe supports and anchor bolts for the process, power and related industries as shown below and in the attached overview literature.  AAA Technology provides the following quality products:

  1. Engineered Variable Spring Hangers and Supports
  2. Engineered Constant Spring Hangers and Supports
  3. Hi-Load Box Springs for supporting equipment
  4. Engineered Snubbers, Sway Struts and Sway Braces
  5. Engineered Limit Stops
  6. Vibration Control Hold Down Clamps
  7. Insulated Supports for Cryogenic Service (we mold rigid urethane saddles)
  8. Insulated Supports for High Temperature Service (Calcium Silicate, Foamglas, etc.)
  9. Low Friction Slide Bearings for Cryogenic to High Temperature Service (-260°F to 1600°F)
  10. Pipe Saddles & Shoes – Weld-on, U-Bolt-on and Clamp-on
  11. Non-metallic Pipe Saddles, Wear Pads and Anti-corrosive Supports
  12. Custom Fabricated Pipe Supports and Anchor Bolts

Plant Walkdowns & Stress Analysis Software

The AAA Technology subsidiary, Piping Solutions, Inc., offers Plant Walkdowns to evaluate the current status of your Spring Hangers and Supports. They also offer a full analysis of piping stress using their TRIFLEX Software for Piping Stress Analysis.

During the plant walk down, we will do a thorough inspection of the following and provide you with a detailed engineering assessment of each item's current status:

  • pipe supports
  • t-shoes
  • rollers
  • low friction slide bearings
  • insulated supports
  • rigid pipe hangers
  • sway braces / struts
  • hydraulic snubbers
  • variable / constant spring hangers

Once the assessment is complete, we can (upon your request) remove, adjust or replace any items of concern..

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