Oilfield Instrumentation

Pressure Sensors

The Series 383 is a two position, three-way block and bleed (universally ported) pressure monitoring Flow Line Pilot. It can be connected to respond as either a High (rising/increasing) or Low (falling / decreasing) pressure sensing device. In the Pressure Safety High (PSH) application, the Pilot is designed to lose instrument supply output whenever the high-pressure setting is exceeded. Employed in the Pressure Safety Low (PSL) mode of operation, the pressure sensor will gain instrument supply output whenever the low-pressure setting is surpassed. Three-way Block & Bleed Pilots are used to initiate safety valve closure and safeguard facilities upon detection of an abnormal high or low process pressure. In other applications, they are used to start / stop control sequences within particular pressure range limits. Value added product features include:
  • Patented piston/base design has three sensing diameters built in
  • Holds constant and accurate set points
  • 1% ± repeatability on set points
  • Minimum Dead Band Range between Trip & Reset Pressure
  • Available Set Point Scale Option

11LV100 Manual Reset Pneumatic Relay

The Sigma 11LV100 pneumatic relay is a compact manually operated instrument valve that is well suited for the rigors of inland and offshore production control systems. It operates as a 3-way normally closed, manual reset pneumatic valve with a detent (BYPASS) feature. Its construction makes it ideal for field mounting on actuators, pressure sensors or other control devices.
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