Severe Service Control Valves

Globe Control Valves

Mitech's general purpose Globe Control Valves can be used for many applications and offer high positioning accuracy and tight shut-off together with compact size and robust construction.

Features of Mitech’s Globe Control Valves include:

  • 1/2" to 24" NB and up to ANSI 4500
  • Low noise, cavitation control, ZZ and EDDS energy dissipating trims
  • 2-port globe, 3-way globe, 2-port angle and sweep angle designs
  • Available in DN15 to DN600 sizes
  • Ideal for high pressures and extreme operating conditions
  • Choice of body and trim materials
  • Maintenance requires no special tools
  • Clamp in place, free float design
  • Trim components designed to clamp in place so it can be quickly configured to specific needs
  • The free float of the seat and plug during assembly makes for quick stem, plug and seat alignment
  • Superior stem seal life and better valve shut-off performance

Rotating Disc Globe Control Valves (Solids)

Mitech's Rotating Disc Valve features a unique rotating/shearing disc that provides a self-lapping rotation and enhanced seat cleaning action. The rotating action cuts through solids giving a long-lasting tight shut-off. The metal-to-metal seating makes the valves resistant to abrasion over a wide temperature range.

Their high pressure capability is better than industry standards, and allows the force to be distributed over a larger area, resulting in reduced trim wear.

Rotating disc valves can be used in the following applications:

  • Steam
  • Coke
  • Fly Ash
  • Flammable liquids
  • Gases
  • Sand
  • Boiler water
  • Abrasive or corrosive media

Because the valve body is open, there is plenty of space for the product to be freely displaced by the lever arm and disc with each cycle. There are no small spaces for fines to compact within and jam components (a common problem with other valve concepts).

Each time the valve opens to discharge the product, a vortex is caused by the unique body to port configuration. The settled media swirls, and cleans the valve's interior.

Sweep Angle Control Valves

Sweep Angle Control Valves are ideally configured for service with highly erosive liquids where pressures and/or temperatures are too high for pinch valves or similar slurry valves. They’re also designed for applications where severe flashing is expected.

Features include:

  • Flow-to-close configuration
  • Available in sizes from 1" to 16"
  • Larger sizes are available on request
  • Flange ratings of up to # 2 500
  • Tungsten carbide or ceramic plug and seat
  • Few components in the flow path - eliminates sharp changes in direction
  • No need for a traditional retainer or cage
  • Optional Penton coated body
  • Cavitation / flashing occurs outside the valve
  • Less maintenance and reduced life-cycle costs
  • Eliminates the need for a traditional retainer or cage
  • The seat ring is clamped between the valve body and the downstream pipework

Soot Blower Valves

Mitech's Soot Blower Control Valve allows power stations to reduce emissions with more efficient heat transfer and steam generation. A modified Globe Control Valve, this specialized product was designed to improve on competitor control valves, which were causing customers to report fouling of the boiler, increased coal usage and system wear and tear due to poor performance of the existing valve.

Mitech designed and manufactured the Soot Blower Control Valve, which has the following specifications:

  • 50 mm Globe Control Valve manufactured in chrome molly
  • Butt weld flange rated to ANSI 2500#
  • Trim is a stainless steel Energy Dissipating Disk Stack with a 20 mm seat diameter and ANSI V leakage rate
  • Operates in an under-flow direction
  • Chrome molly bonnet has stainless steel/ grafoil gaskets and guides, and operates with live loading
  • Actuator is a pneumatic piston type operating in an open-spring fail position
  • Positioner is pneumatic/pneumatic type

Mitech's Soot Blower Valve is customizable based on customer needs. Specific metallurgies are available for different application requirements.

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